One of our latest creations, Deep Vision, was inspired by and crafted with no other than artist Jill Johnson. When Jill dropped by our studio to brainstorm her next hat design, we couldn't resist asking her a few questions about Country music and fashion.

Unisex black cowboy hat handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm

Jill Johnson's relationship with country music is no secret. Yet, despite her affinity for the genre, she hesitated to fully embrace it in her own music. For years, she had felt that Sweden wasn't quite ready for the genre, believing it to be too niche for mainstream appeal. However, on Valentine's Day, everything changed. Surrounded by cowboy hats and colleagues immersed in country music, Jill experienced a revelation. It was as if the pieces of the puzzle had finally clicked into place. "It only took a minute..."

Reflecting on global pop icons venturing into country music, Jill sees it as an exciting evolution. Not surprised by Beyoncé's exploration, Jill notes her previous country-inspired tracks. Jill sees potential for a fresh twist in country music. Remarkably, Jill's single coincided with Beyoncé's album release, something she humorously acknowledges as "riding on her coattails."

"In our industry, there's a saying that goes 'Talent, Timing and Luck'. While talent is undoubtedly crucial, sometimes it's all about timing and luck. And in this case, the timing was all about the fact that country music is in the spotlight globally, and the luck was releasing my single on the same day as Beyoncé."

"For me, it's always about embracing the essence of country music rather than a specific look"

Jill offers insights into her ever-changing style, from glamorous stage attire to laid-back country vibes complete with her signature hat. Despite being dubbed 'Sweden's Country Queen,' she sees herself as an unintended ambassador for the genre. Challenges lie in sustaining interest and establishing more platforms for country music in Sweden. Yet, Jill sees herself comfortably seated, reflecting on her journey and daring to take new strides. As for her appearances on 'Jills veranda' and elsewhere, Jill reflects on her varied roles. "I've never felt the need to dress my music in attire," she shares. "The artistic expression takes priority."

Jill expresses gratitude for the positive feedback on her most recent single. "I'm very pleased with the feedback, and above all, I'm glad that people have understood the humor and the twinkle in the eye," she shares. "I'm sticking my neck out a bit and saying, 'It took you some time to get it,' while at the same time, it only took a minute, so there are many layers that are amusing." Looking ahead, Jill reveals her plans to release a song every Friday throughout May, each with clever titles and a humorous touch. "It's been an incredibly fun journey, and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the songs and completes the experience with me."

Unisex black cowboy hat handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm
Unisex beige cowboy hat handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm
Variety of unisex cowboy hats handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm
Unisex black cowboy hat handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm