SoonNoon was founded by Jonathan Kopylov and Sandra Stadelmann in 2021. The couple met during the pandemic in a dark and cold Stockholm, Sweden. With a different setting for dating – beyond restaurants, museums, cinemas, bars and hanging out with friends, they immediately got busy making various creative projects together. As Jonathan was learning the craft of hat making and Sandra practised her photography, they soon realized a concept was forming. "Why not make this into a brand!" they both exclaimed, and just a few months after they met, SoonNoon was born.

”The idea of SoonNoon came from a passion for hats and vision to create hats to be worn by anyone in a contemporary urban environment. Most brands of handmade hats have a strong heritage aspect or an American Western aesthetic, but we want to make something that transcends that – a brand of crafted hats that lets you express your own personal style”, says Jonathan.

We make each hat by hand through traditional craftsmanship and using only premium fur felts and carefully selected ribbons, bands, and other details to ensure that a SoonNoon hat is truly one of a kind. Not only do we certifiy unique and high-quality products to our customers – by making single units upon order, we also honor our commitment to sustainability by avoiding generating excess waste through overproduction. 

We believe there is a unifying element that defines everyone who wears a SoonNoon hat: “Someone who’s not afraid of trying new things. A person who lives by the motto of ‘why not?’ and likes to have fun with style. We want to cater to the colorful character who celebrates life and its diversities”, Sandra concludes.

Hatmakers Jonathan Kopylov and Sandra Stadelmann, studio SoonNoon in Stockholm
Hatmakers Jonathan Kopylov and Sandra Stadelmann, studio SoonNoon in Stockholm

Jonathan Kopylov – Creative Director and Hat Maker

"After many years of working as a graphic designer in the fashion industry, I decided to pursue my passion for hats. Noticing a hat studio was located just across the street from my new home I began making my own creations. I quickly picked up the craft and realized this was something I loved doing. Creating has always been a big part of my life, wether it was playing loud guitar in one of my many bands or creating graphics for leading Swedish fashion brands, and now I had finally found a way of expressing my passion for hats. To be able to share my passion and to build SoonNoon as brand together with my partner is a true luxury."

Sandra Stadelmann – COO and Digital Marketer

"As a traveling creative spirit I've always loved to learn new things and to leave my comfort zone. I believe that we become good at what we do a lot, which has introduced me to many interesting situations, people and projects. I started my own business in 2017 as a consultant within digital marketing and the last couple of years I also teach different subjects within that field. On my first date with Jonathan we made plans was to create a brand of scented candles. Well, turned out that hats was more our thing! Our competences are a great match and developing SoonNoon with my partner feels amazing. I run our digital and social media platforms, our web shop and collaborations with influencers and partners."


As our name indicates, SoonNoon stands for the time to wear a hat. Noon is that time of the day – or moment in life, that the sun is at its highest point. With much passion and love we hand stitch all our hats with our signature minute and hour hand as a reminder that great moments are up ahead.

Unisex red fur felt cowboy hat with a wide brim, self-fabric band, silver. stud detail and center crease, handcrafted by SoonNoon in Stockholm