Brown cowboy fur felt hat with short brim and mule kick


The signature hat style of American designer

Inspired by his grandfather's love for Western films and his father's sharp dressing, Brandon's own fashion journey started early.

During his military service in Korea, Brandon deepened his knowledge of denim and fabrics, refining his eye for detail. His military background taught him a commitment to precision, ensuring each outfit he crafts is flawlessly tailored.

For Brandon, fashion isn't just about looks; it's about storytelling. His signature style merges rugged western vibes with refined elegance, creating a unique aesthetic that speaks to his heritage and personal journey.

With Brandon Westbrooks, expect impeccable tailoring and a blend of tradition and innovation that's sure to make a statement.

"The military refined my attention to detail. The proper length on pants and symmetry of an outfit have become a staple in a way that is very much a uniform for me."

Why did you decide to name the hat "Texas Tea"?

Louisiana made me, but Texas raised me. The City of Houston is where my knowledge of Western wear comes from. My grandma owned a Western store in Houston years ago, where she would sometimes shape hats while being dressed to the nines! Back across state lines my biggest inspiration for anything Western, was my grandpa in Louisiana. Long drives in his Dodge Ram truck which seemed like forever, would eventually end back at the house, with my grandma Mary asking him “Did you eat?”, accompanied by tea that she had on the window sill. This hat is a tribute to the places and people that have shaped my identity

Tell us more about your relationship to hats and your specific hat style.

- Hats have always been a part of the way I dressed, being styled head to toe for me meant just that even as a kid, having the latest New Era hat or a headband was a statement. Also a lot of things in my life required me to wear “headgear”, from baseball to football and later the military. It’s ironic that some old cowboys back in the day referred to the cowboy hat as their “helmets”.

Why did you choose this particular style?

- This style of hat is rich in my memory as Chief Gillespie from a popular TV show “In The Heat Of The Night” usually wore a Stetson Open Road, and it was never square on his head. It’s a very un-manicured look, which gives a compliment to my style. The mule kick gives it shape and character which is a nod to the working cowboy and the beatings that the hats take on the job, but also to a later definition, signifying having land and cattle.

The making of a brown cowboy hat by SoonNoon hats
“Louisiana made me, but Texas raised me.”

How did our collaboration come about?

Hm, that’s a great question. I had no idea Jonathan was following me or that he had a hat company. Once I saw SoonNoon it looked more like a business page, so then I looked to see what was up. 

Who first reached out to whom to start this partnership?

I’m pretty sure it was me, I saw a brand that was doing something cool and that had been on my page so I reached out, but it was almost simultaneous that the message came from two different accounts.

What inspired you to work with SoonNoon?

The aesthetics of the shop seemed to be in line with mine, really clean backgrounds! Also Sweden is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, now having collaborated with SoonNoon, I’ll be sure to be there. Also learning more about you all, and your background made it very easy to want to work with you.

Texas Tea in collaboration with SoonNoon is available exclusively online.

Brown cowboy fur felt hat with short brim and mule kick